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John Essman and Kathleen Palmer have been business and life partners since 1983, when they met and formed a business consulting service called Organizational Dimensions. A side business called Personal Dimensions was later added to their portfolio as their interests broadened to include personal wellbeing as a vital part of a successful businessperson’s life.

In 1999, John and Kathleen refocused their efforts to reflect an expanded emphasis on Website Design and Internet Marketing and re-titled their company as Sonoma CONNECTION, reflecting their desire to become a local resource to local businesses. Currently they are focusing on helping their clients develop and launch effective Social Media strategies to enhance their existing web marketing efforts.

Kathleen Palmer has worked on the cutting edge of computer and internet technology for close to 30 years. Starting with the first personal computers and mini-computers, she became passionate about how computers could revolutionize global communication between people, and could provide equity for small business owners and non-profit groups to get their message out and to expand their influence. She has managed large-scale computer installations and world-wide messaging networks for large technology companies such as Autodesk. Her interests in communication and collaboration tools, coupled with her interest in fine arts, has led to a mastery of Photoshop and graphics design skills. Her technical education has enabled her to become proficient with a variety of programming languages and has helped her to develop websites with an eye towards enabling her customers to manage their web content themselves.

John Essman has a technical background in financial analysis, accounting systems, cash management, investment markets and office automation systems which allows him to help clients develop realistic action plans for internet marketing strategies, data management and e-commerce systems. His mathematical orientation has also helped him to stay abreast of and advise his clients on the latest search engine technologies and web metrics analysis. His long-term fascination and love of photography has enabled him to produce high quality images for many different client needs. Because of his volunteer work in producing videos for local television, he has developed the skills needed to help clients get their messages across to potential customers through Social Media outlets.
John Essman Kathleen Palmer of Sonoma CONNECTION

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