John Essman's Resumé (link to PDF)


Proven management abilities and problem-solving skills

Technical background in financial analysis, accounting systems, cash management, investment markets and office automation

Broad experience with long-range financial and strategic planning, facilities expansion, contingency planning, and MIS reporting


Six years as a senior executive

Managed the activities of 44 employees (including 8 managers)

Revitalized benefits and incentive programs

Supervised all phases of corporate planning and budgeting processes

Counseled employees to define career goals and strategies for attainment

Promoted pleasant, efficient, and healthy work environments

Crisis Intervention:

Mediated disputes in the workplace

Intervened effectively during operational and financial crisis periods

Conducted complicated emergency reconstructions of vital records


Introduced product-pricing concepts and formats

Originated functional cost-accounting systems

Modernized financial management practices

Selected and installed computer systems


Six years as a consultant to non-profit organizations

Developed business plans and marketing campaigns

Created written operational procedures Customized employee training programs

Negotiated and discharged merger agreements

Represented organizations at National and State Forums

Relocated corporate headquarters facilities and branch office locations

Suggested and executed strategies for effective competitive positioning

Delivered "expert-witness" testimony in litigation involving investments

Contingency Planning:

Formulated plans for operational support during natural disasters

Established security procedures and installed devices